iOS VPN and Settings for Secure Online Accounts

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

iOS VPN VulnerabilityHaven’t heard of the iOS 7 lock screen vulnerability? Or maybe you have heard of it and are just waiting for Apple’s fix. Well, don’t leave yourself unprotected while you patiently allow Apple to figure it out. Understand how the hack works. Then make adjustments to your settings and use an iOS VPN to secure your online accounts and data.

The Hacks

iOS VPN SiriThe lock screen on iOS 7 devices can be bypassed to allow access to the phone’s apps. If your phone is stolen or lost, anyone can get from there to your connected emails, social media accounts, and more. And this hack is already so widely publicized that anyone searching for it can do it. You can test it out for yourself. One easy way is to go to the Control Center and get into the alarm clock. Simple. Another easy way is through Siri, who can be accessed by default even when the phone is locked. Another way is to long press on the Sleep button then cancel and tap on Home two times. This will get you to the multi-task area where you can access the Camera, Chat apps, and anything else on there. This works on iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and the newest iPads.

The Response

Apple iOS VPNApple announced a month ago when the hack was discovered that they would issue a bug fix. A month is a short time when you have to analyze and research and reprogram and test. But a month is a very long time to wait when there’s every chance your new iPhone or iPad is a target. You can be sure that once news of the vulnerability came out, thieves were o the prowl. Apple is pretty good about physical device security. The only good chance they get to make good on an iPhone swipe is to wait for vulnerabilities to be reported. Then they swoop in to take advantage of the time window. And this vulnerability is a sweet one. iOS 7 is brand new and each device will fetch a pretty price.

Secure Your Accounts

Because you know that your iOS 7 device is vulnerable, take steps to secure your accounts. You may not be able to avoid getting mugged, having your device swiped or leaving it somewhere. But you can keep your accounts and all the data in them safe in case it happens. First, make sure your mobile browser doesn’t store cookies or histories and set it to private mode. Then disconnect your accounts unless you are in a safe place. Make sure that you are always somewhere you can’t lose the device or have it stolen. It is a great inconvenience, but this will protect all your data. Imagine that the above does happen to you.

iOS VPN PrecautionGo back and try the hack again. Look through everything that you are able to access. And think about what a thief would do with that information. Account logins sell for $20 to $50 apiece on average. Emails and other contact details sell for up to half that price and sometimes more, especially if there’s a name and/or phone number that goes along with it. The contact details of all your friends are at risk as well.

Get an iOS VPN

After disconnecting your accounts, get an iOS VPN. This will protect all the data that you send over the internet, especially your identity. Even if your accounts and browsing history is not accessible, your online activity leaves traces of who you are. Using a VPN will secure your identity so that a thief will not be able to track anything. They won’t see any data that leads them back to you and gives them data they can again start digging with.