Global Internet Governance – Independent Protests and Anti Surveillance VPNs

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

As the EU battles on the government front over Internet controls and mass surveillance, independent protests are firing up. Internet regulation and agency abuses have long been fought against by privacy organizations and allied groups of Internet users against the manipulation of the Internet for personal gain. Victims of US pressure are also remembered as worldwide protests continue to call for the same reduced US authority over the Internet.

Protesting Internet Controls

Don'tSpyOnUs Surveillance VPNsHundreds of independent entities around the world have protested Internet surveillance for many years. One of the better known is the Don’t Spy on Us campaign recently refueled by the memory of Aaron Swartz. Swartz is well-known as a traditional hacker and creator of RSS feed and Creative Commons, as well as for his role in the development of Reddit. His suicide at age 26 is closely connected to the pressures placed on him by the US after he released federal court documents. He believed that this type of so-called public information should be made truly public. The FBI could not prosecute on the basis of copyright infringement, so they did an Al Capone and got him for fraud. It was also a classic case of overprosecution that his friends feel eventually pushed Swartz to end his life.

Swartz Surveillance VPNsThe Aaron Swartz case is representative of the abuses and manipulations that are destroying the Internet. He is not alive to see the fight against Internet abuses come to fruition. But Friends like David Segal of Demand Progress maintain that he would have been at the forefront, as he was in the fight against SOPA and PIPA. Today, we see more organized movements similar to what Swartz put together, like The Day We Fight Back.

Passive Opposition to Internet Controls with Surveillance VPNs

Every vote counts, and in the same tradition, every voice makes an impact on the outcome of a campaign. People around the world have been giving their support to various protests against Internet controls and abuses. They are taking steps to pressure legislators to take action, and using tools to prevent violations of their rights on the Internet. The use of anti surveillance VPNs is a very strong passive opposition technique. Most Internet users will simply use them t protect themselves. But the potential of anti surveillance VPNs reaches farther.

It is not easy to stop a huge machine from running its course. Only the powers behind these machines can really do that. The idea is to take away their motivation for keeping the machines going. And this begins with making them see that they are not reaching their goals. NSA mass surveillance, company data mining, cyber theft, and all kinds of Internet abuses rely on accurate user data. Employing anti surveillance VPNs destroys the value of user data. ExpressVPN Surveillance VPNsAnti surveillance VPNs change user IP addresses, anonymize traffic, and encrypt data. Anti surveillance VPNs generally make a mess of the once neat transmission of user data that make Internet surveillance and data gathering possible.