Holiday Identity Theft Protection with a VPN for Windows

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Holiday VPN for WindowsThe holidays are most everyone’s favorite time – including online thieves. People are scrambling to get gift shopping done, and with all the catching up to do at work, it’s hectic. Online thieves love this season of frenzied shopping because it is their best chance of grabbing credit card numbers and payment system logins. As crazy as it gets, it’s not hard to stay safe. Most people still use the Windows OS, and there is a great online security VPN for windows, ExpressVPN. If you don’t already have it, now is a great time to try it out. You’ll be able to shop safely, and enjoy other privacy and security benefits as well.

Holiday Shopping VPN for Windows

Most people these days prefer to shop online. There are great deals offered, and with door-to-door shipping it couldn’t be more convenient. It certainly beats standing in line and fighting over items that are going out of stock. Of course, it still gets a bit frantic when you are trying to catch the best deals online. This is when the lurkers swoop in. VPN for Windows ShoppingPeople easily forget to log off and their accounts get hijacked. They open holiday greetings without checking the senders and get infected with malware. And they get tricked into clicking on ads and visiting malware sites because they get hooked on great offerings. Online criminals are monitoring all the favorite online stores with the best deals. As soon as someone slips up with security, they are there to reap the rewards. And being in such a hurry, people don’t check their accounts as they normally would. In a month or so, they will realize that someone has stolen from them and it may be too late to recover the losses. With a VPN for Windows, users can safely shop for the best deals. And this is not just on their regular trusted websites. A VPN for Windows opens up access to any online shopping website. And with servers in countries all around the world, they can get the best prices, too. All they need to do is switch servers and they can buy items at the lowest prices offered in different countries.

Added Benefits of a VPN for Windows

VPN for Windows SpyingBeing a distracted shopper is always risky. But when you are shopping online, there is a much greater potential for theft and fraud. On the internet, there is as much as a hundred times more criminals looking over your virtual shoulder. Using a VPN for Windows protects your data so you don’t easily fall victim to them. By encrypting and sending your communications with online stores through a private tunnel, the VPN for Windows makes it impossible for thieves to intercept credit card numbers and other payment system credentials. They can’t see the information, and they can’t read it because only the VPN server knows the decryption code.

As long as you are careful about using secure and unique passwords and where you enter your payment credentials, a VPN for Windows can keep your transactions secure. Remember to visit only trusted online stores, and always make sure you log out of the store and your payment system or bank account after processing your orders. Then the VPN for Windows can keep those credentials safe. The VPN will also keep your activity anonymous to throw off lurkers. You will be connected to a VPN server that gives you an anonymous IP address that is different from the usual IP address you have from your internet service provider. This makes it impossible for criminals to track you when you go online because they won’t know your IP. This is important because when they need more personal information to get into your accounts, they won’t be able to follow you to get it.

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