Half Quit Facebook Because of Privacy Concerns

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Cheap VPN FacebookFacebook had almost one billion users worldwide when the news of US government spying hit the presses. Its involvement in undisclosed data sharing with the NSA was just too much for many users. And there were many indeed. Almost half of all Facebook users quit within a short time after the scandal. But Facebook users need not quit because a few tweaks and a cheap VPN can help them stay private on Facebook.

Facebook has dealt with its share of privacy and security breaches. Users rode these waves and stuck with it because they knew fixes were coming. But when the world heard that the NSA had a backdoor to Facebook servers, they know there was no fix. And most people don’t want to be using a service that does not protect their privacy. Some people have opted to use cheap VPN services to hide their locations and switch to new and more private profiles. Others have simply quit using the social media service. All in all, over 48% of those who removed their profiles from Facebook gave privacy as their reason.

Facebook Cheap VPNBut Facebook’s numbers aren’t down. This would indicate that most people have simply opted to change their profiles. It is pretty easy to stay private on Facebook, if your friends respect your wishes. And it seems that many have followed the advice about how to keep personal data secure while using the service. Briefly, a user needs to use false information, let Facebook friends know they want to remain private, and add some people they don’t know to throw off trackers. Read the details here.

People don’t want to have to spend a lot to stay secure online. Most feel they shouldn’t have to. But it will take some money to stay hidden from snoops and thieves. Even a cheap VPN can be a great help if the user is careful. A cheap VPN will still send the user’s data through a private tunnel. And the cheap VPN can still provide reliable servers that don’t make user connections slow to a crawl. The servers will even provide malware protection. Cheap VPN doesn’t mean poor quality VPN. A lot of cheap VPN providers know how important internet safety and privacy is. And they work hard to provide their cheap VPN services to people so everyone can get protected.

ExpressVPN Cheap VPNExpressVPN is one of the VPN providers that offer reasonable monthly services. The ExpressVPN app helps people to maintain online privacy through making their traffic and activities anonymous. ExpressVPN is a top VPN provider that is well-known for its stand against internet restrictions. ExpressVPN believes in a free and open internet where users anywhere in the world can safely and easily access content, share ideas, and generally use the internet as the public tool it was intended to be. Visit the ExpressVPN website today to learn more about them.

Social Networking Users at Higher Risk

Most people who use social networking sites are more likely to be risk-takers. This is because of the perceived anonymity they have online. This makes them more likely to share personal information. They feel that they can be bolder because they do not necessarily interact with their Facebook friends face-to-face. This freedom to say and share what they liked was a prime attraction. But then they found out that the government and other entities have been profiling users. Data gained from Facebook was being shared and used to create these profiles. These users valued the privacy that was guaranteed by Facebook. And suddenly they learned that it was not so.

So privacy is not generally perceived to be an outdated social convention, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might think. There are a lot of people out there taking advantage of the online privacy that cheap VPNs have to offer to the average internet user.

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