Google VPNs Prevent Excessive Company Snooping

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Facebook Google VPNsMost Americans believe that Internet companies go too far with their snooping activities. Reuters/Ipsos conducted a survey last month that revealed their worries about major companies’ spying capabilities. Facebook and Google concern people the most. But people can stop using these companies’ services and employ a Facebook or Google VPN to stop the snooping.

Company Snooping Has Become Excessive

Facebook, Google and other major internet companies are getting deep into the spy game. They have learned what power information truly has. They have done all they can to gather as much information on their users as they can. This information has given them the power to increase profits and become more competitive. Information gathering itself is a big business, and gathered user data is in danger of being sold and stolen.

The big Internet companies have many powerful tools used for data gathering. The recent survey shows that Americans are worried about their capabilities. 51% of the respondents replied that they felt the companies had too much power and were encroaching too far. Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon and other Internet companies were named in the survey.

Data Google VPNs The Internet companies are also continuing to branch out. Respondents felt that this was cause for concern. Expansion would allow the companies to enter previously safe areas of consumers’ lives. They are already able to track where people are online because of browser and website trackers. They can also track users physically through WiFi enabled devices. They regularly take notes on what kind of information people look for. And they watch how where and when Internet users spend money. They read private email and chat messages. As these companies expand into other areas of service they will be able to track almost every aspect of people’s lives.

Google VPNs Prevent Company Snooping

People cannot avoid being tracked when they willingly share information with companies that snoop. The best way to avoid sharing data with these snoops is not to use their services. But if they can’t avoid them, they can use Google VPNs to limit the amount of information that is gathered. For starters, Google VPNs hide users’ IP addresses. The IP address is the easiest way for companies to start tracking users. An IP address reveals where the user accesses the Internet from. It can also reveal the user’s name and unique phone number. It leaves a unique stamp on every website and online service the user visits. Google VPNs stop tracking from this stage and give users alternate, untraceable IPs to use.

Google VPNs Most people today cannot imagine life without at least one service from Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, or Twitter. They know and fear that these companies are collecting too much of their data. Yet they cannot resist using their services. It is impossible to be up to date without all the services that these companies provide. Google VPNs can help them to stay connected to these services without giving up their personal data. People need these services, so the only way is to use Google VPNs. Google VPNs will secure their data until these companies realize their responsibility to protect and not exploit their users.

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