Glenn Greenwald, New NSA Whistleblower

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Alvin Bryan

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There is a new NSA whistleblower following in the footsteps of Edward Snowden. This NSA whistleblower began a trend with his revelation of the now notorious NSA XKeyscore tool. The new NSA whistleblower, Glenn Greenwald, now carries the torch to shine it on illegal surveillance. The new classified NSA documents leaked by Greenwald’s publication, The Intercept, reveal details of deplorable NSA domestic surveillance.

New NSA Whistleblower Cracks Domestic Surveillance

NSA WhistleblowerThe US Internet community woke up on the morning of August 6 to a fresh batch of highly classified NSA files. The files are full of details on how the NSA has conducted illegal surveillance on US citizens. New NSA whistleblower Greenwald has cracked open the NSA domestic surveillance scandal. There are thousands of files on these databases that our new NSA whistleblower shows us relate to surveillance on US residents and citizens.

The Intercept report describes in depth several databases full of data about people who live in the US. They are originally from different countries around the world. Now they reside in such cities as New York, Chicago and San Diego. Another city for which nearly 25,000 names popped up is Dearborn, a city in Michigan state. There is a very large Muslim population in Dearborn, one of the biggest in the country.

NSA Whistleblower Says Leaks are Snowden-Inspired

Snowden NSA WhistleblowerGreenwald told CNN last February that he thinks Snowden’s brave actions have motivated a lot of people to carry on the good work. He believes that there are more decent people in the NSA who are taking up the banner of the NSA whistleblower. As long as they remained unnamed, he says, they are prepared to share information with the world about what is going on there. There is a lot of value in what Snowden has done, people see that, and they are encouraged by the results. They want to continue peeling the layers off illicit behaviors in the agency that harm the public. When Obama failed in his promise to bring transparency to the secret side of government, Snowden stepped up. This makes his a hero in the eyes of the people. He showed everyone how vulnerable we are, and taught us and companies how to put a lid on the NSA.

Greenwald did not reveal his sources, of course, but he says that it’s probably not Snowden. The documents he received are dated more than three months after this NSA whistleblower left for Hong Hong to escape capture. The documents also bear different labels, “Secret” and “NoForn”, rather than the NSA’s typical stamp of “Classified”. This is a strong indication that they are not part of the reported one and a half million pieces of material in Snowden’s possession. This in fact makes them look like they were taken from the Pentagon and not the NSA. The new whistleblower was on to something. Apparently Snowden has roused sources outside the NSA.


Pentagon NSA WhistleblowerThe NoForn label on some of the Greenwald documents has aroused suspicion. NoForn means not to be shown to foreign governments. The US has had transparency agreements with many foreign nations in the interest of sharing data to rein in terrorist groups. The databases that these documents refer to are supposed to contain information on terrorist suspects. But the documents with the names of US citizens and residents were being kept secret from other countries. As proof, Greenwald shared the incriminating names of a few databases. One is the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment. This secret stash holds more than a million names of both foreigners and Americans. And more than half of them were uploaded in the last five years. The Terrorist Screening Database holds 700,000 names, only 40% of which are connected to terrorists, and only after going as far as six hops as opposed to the legitimate three hops that legal surveillance allows.

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