Ghostery Privacy Tool and Hide IP VPNs

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Ghostery Hide IP VPNsGhostery is a very popular online privacy tool that works by blocking trackers. This is a great complement to a reliable Hide IP VPN service. Together, they can help users maintain online anonymity through IP address privacy and browser tracker blocking. Ghostery is a simple add-on that is compatible with all major browsers for desktop and mobile. Users can control who they allow to track them through this tool, or block all tracking in one click.

GhostRank and Hide IP VPNs

Ghostery also has a GhostRank feature that provides data on ads that get blocked the most. But most users don’t know that this is a tool that records user data on blocked ads. And GhostRank sells this data to ad companies. But GhostRank is not enabled by default, and uses can simply opt not to enable it. Then they can take advantage of the tool and still maintain optimal privacy. Run this way with hide IP VPNs, the tool takes care of website browser tracking while hide IP VPNs take care of tracking by other entities like ISPs, governments and online criminals.

Hide IP VPNsThe Ghostery tool is operated by the company Evidon which gathers data for sale to ad companies. So what Ghostery does is give users control over the websites that track them. Meantime, GhostRank is tracking what ads users block and don’t block. Then they send this data back to the as companies to give them insights on what ads will or will not work. Some people don’t mind this because it feeds them better ads. But more privacy-conscious individuals will see this as another way to get at their data. Rest assured, however, that Ghostery keeps this data private in the sense that there is no personally identifiable information included. They also do not show companies any specific ads that were viewed by users. They simply send to the ad companies statistics on what tech companies were blocked, like Analytics tools or Widgets. And if users have their hide IP VPNs as well, their identities and locations are already protected.

Hide IP VPNs CookiesSome argue that GhostRank is just another way to help companies serve ads. And that this setup will allow them to create better ones that cannot be blocked. Along with this comes better cookies that users will not be able to control. Conspiracy-like or not, it is a possibility. Evidon evidently does not want people to use Do Not Track features since tracking and targeted ads is their bread and butter. But they are offering a balanced alternative that they feel is safe for users. This means no to intrusive ads but yes to acceptable targeted ads as they are evaluated by users through Ghostery. Whatever users decide, Ghostery gives them that choice. And they always have their hide IP VPNs to protect their IP addresses to give them identity and location security.