Get a VPN and Use Basic Internet Security Tips to Keep Your Chromebook Safe

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Chromebooks are built to be secure according to Google. But they do not provide complete protection for their users. People still need to get a VPN as the primary security tool for Chromebooks. And practicing basic Internet security helps a lot to better secure it against attacks.

Chromebook Security

Get a VPN for ChromebooksChromebooks are affordable laptops that Google reports are made to be secure. They have a limited capacity, which actually helps make them more secure. But there are also additional features that are great to have. Chromebooks encrypt data that is stored on them by default. A lot of malware can also be prevented because software installations are not allowed. Chromebooks also have built-in phishing protection that warns users when it detects a suspected scam. What Chromebooks lack is Internet data protection.

Get a VPN to Enhance Chromebook Internet Security

Chromebook users need to get a VPN to encrypt connections and all the data that is sent over the Internet. Local data encryption protects files that are stored on the Chromebook. But this does not protect files and other information that is sent over the Internet. When users browse websites, their activities are open to tracking and monitoring. When users sign up for accounts, the credentials they enter can be seen by Internet snoops. When users get a VPN, all this information is encrypted and passed through a private tunnel. The information is therefore protected from everyone looking at it and stealing it. Chromebooks depend a lot on Internet connectivity and so are more vulnerable to Internet threats. Users need to get a VPN to greatly reduce the risks presented by this type of device.

Get a VPN Cloud SecuriySince Chromebooks have limited capabilities, they depend on cloud services for storage space. These services may claim that they are secure, but we have learned about many account breaches on these types of file storage sites. Sometimes the services themselves are not secure enough to guarantee file security and user privacy. Other times, users put themselves at risk by practicing lax security. To get better file security online, the first step is to pick a secure service, which usually means a paid one. If you do not have a choice in the matter, encrypting data before it is uploaded to the online service is essential. This is not difficult with Chromebooks since files are already locally encrypted. But before this, get a VPN and create your online account while connected to a secure server. This protects your username and password from being intercepted from the start. Using secure credentials is also vital. Long and unique username and password combinations that use many different characters are your best bet to prevent people from guessing them. If you create more accounts on websites and services, use different combinations every time. This includes using different email addresses for each account. If you can use a fake name, address and other personal details, do so.

Chromebooks link up everything you do online with your Google ID. This is for convenience, but it can also be a security risk. While signed in, you are identified by your Google ID and your IP address. This is often more than enough personal information for online criminals to launch attacks against you, and all the connections that you have saved on your Google account as well. It is much safer to not stay signed in if you do not need to access Google services. The Chromebook guest mode option is useful here. Guest mode permits use of the Chromebook without allowing access to anything on your Google account. This means that if you use it, you are shutting out third parties from accessing any account information. Guest mode keeps everything off the record because Google wants only your activities to be recorded for personalization. So using it prevents search and browsing histories from being saved.

Get a VPN HTTPSWebsites are in control of what data they record from visitors. Some websites, for example, don’t allow you to use them if you don’t let them put cookies on your computer. Nothing can stop them from accessing certain data if you open it up to them. Again, get a VPN and connect to it so your real IP address cannot be recorded to link page visits to you. Remember that your IP address can lead to your name, address, phone number and any other information associated with your Internet service account. And also remember to use guest mode if you are just browsing and log in with your Google ID only when necessary. Stay connected to the VPN until you are done. You can even get additional protection if you get a VPN server set for Google account use and another one for guest mode browsing.

2 thoughts on “Get a VPN and Use Basic Internet Security Tips to Keep Your Chromebook Safe

  1. I just got a Chromebook for my son who’s starting college because I thought it was the safest available. Thanks so much for these timely tips, I am emailing him now to make sure he gets everything he needs.

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