France VPN Needed as Intelligence Snoops on Telecom Customers

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Spy France VPNFrance is now on the list of countries to watch out for. DGSE, the French General Directorate for External Security, has been spying on telecom customers. People in the country now have need of a France VPN to secure their privacy. Online privacy from secret government spying has been an important topic of debate for EU member countries. EU privacy law is supposed to protect people from unwarranted and secret government surveillance.

DGSE Surveillance Capabilities

DGSE is the agency that handles electronic and military surveillance. Last week the news of DGSE spying came out on the French newspaper Le Monde. The paper cited documents provided by Edward Snowden. These documents were records of British intelligence operations. They show that the agency is able to track both sent and received communications of their targets. Le Monde reported that one of the DGSE targets is France’s Orange Telecom. Orange has a very large customer base that DGSE has been drawing from. DGSE declined to comment.

DGSE France VPNDGSE surveillance operations are much like those carried out by the NSA. The agency has powerful spying tools for gathering customer data. DGSE agents have free and complete access to the tools and the data collected. And the surveillance is justified as operations in support of French national security. This last detail was provided by Orange, who explained that all telecoms maintain ties with government agencies that manage security for the people and the country. Orange has been dealing with DGSE agents who have military clearance for over 30 years. Orange also stated that these ties are completely lawful. They explained that certain judges manage the relationship between DGSE and telecom operators. But this statement conflicts with information from the documents released. The documents show that DGSE conducts its surveillance operations with no oversight from outside entities.

Secure Online Privacy with a France VPN and Private Email

Internet users in France are now experiencing what victims of NSA spying went through last year. Their privacy rights have been violated not only by their government but by the US. The NSA knows about the activities, and may also have access to the data collected by the DGSE. Some Internet users in France already employ France VPN services for Internet security. Now they all need a France VPN and alternate private email providers to secure data privacy from these surveillance activities.

France VPN PrivacyEuropean laws often grant governments the authority to monitor communications. But surveillance is more transparent there. People are informed of what is being monitored and why. In this case, however, the people were not aware. It is not legal to read the details of people’s communications. We expect more French citizens and residents to begin using France VPN services more in the coming weeks. A shift to private email providers from telecom issued addresses is also expected. A France VPN is what can secure user traffic from unwarranted and secret surveillance. Private email is also needed so that telecoms will no longer have access to these communications.