Firewalls, AntiVirus and Easy VPNs

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Easy VPN SecurityThe need for internet security and privacy is critical today. There is much to be lost by every internet user if they leave themselves open to online attacks and data theft. Device security and online security tools are available to help users protect themselves from snooping, hacking and device infection.

Every day, millions of users fall victim to different types of online snoopers and criminals. Some are aware of what’s happening, but most are not, and do not know how bad it can be for them. It is surprising to note how many people do not think they can fall prey to scams and online theft. But the truth is that anyone who does not have proper firewall, antivirus and VPN protection is vulnerable to a myriad of different online attacks.

Social Media and Content Sharing Sites

So many millions of people engage in social media and content sharing activity on a daily basis. Private messages and emails and photos and documents are passed from user to user at an increasingly rapid rate. All of this material contains various amounts of personal information that can be manipulated by online criminals. Regardless of the privacy and security policies of the online services we use, this data is in danger of being intercepted and used against users.

Email and VoIP Providers and Cloud Storage Services

Secure Easy VPNMost of our communications today take place over the internet. We email more than we call on the phone, and when we call we use VoIP most of the time. Most of our records are also stored online rather than on local hard drives. We transfer pictures and documents to cloud services for easy access and sharing rather than keep them on personal drives. This means that users around the world are relying on other people to keep their data safe. When you think about how most of these services are being used for free, it is not hard to conclude that this is a dangerous practice. All these services store a huge amount of data on their servers. This massive pool of data is very attractive to identity thieves and data brokers. Free services are not likely to invest a lot of money in security. This means that they are easier targets for hackers who can use the data to launch financial fraud schemes and the like. And these free service providers also often sell user data themselves to help them maintain the free service.

Firewalls, AntiVirus and Easy VPN Security

Hacking and snooping technologies are being continuously developed. So are the defense systems we have available. But users need to actively update their device and online security tools to be able to protect themselves. People who don’t use the latest technology for protection cannot hope to keep up with online snoopers and criminals. Firewalls, antivirus software and VPN services are any users’ best defense against unauthorized intrusion into their systems.

Easy VPNThere are many different types of firewalls, antivirus programs and VPN services. It takes a bit of research to find the ones that will best serve each user. And users have to be careful about using less known or fake versions of these programs. A good and easy start for choosing a firewall and an antivirus suite is to go with the package that is recommended by the manufacturers of their operating system. For instance, Microsoft has Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials. There are also a lot of different recommendations on various tech blogs and forums for more advanced users who can do complex testing and configurations. Choosing a VPN is much the same. There are so many easy VPN solutions out there. There are pre-configured packages that allow users to simple install lightweight software and run the VPN at one click of the mouse. These easy VPN solutions can provide the same data encryption and easy VPN tunnel privacy as manually configured VPNs. Of course, more experienced users might want to set up their own VPNs and have them exactly as they want. Whatever the user chooses, though, any solution is better than none. Using an easy firewall and antivirus setup and an easy VPN setup will give them better protection against online threats to data security and privacy.