Facebook Proxy or VPN?

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Many Facebook Proxyusers around the world want to be able to use Facebook. But the number of users who find Facebook access blocked from their locations is increasing. More countries are proposing and implementing content restrictions for political, religious, and security reasons. Using a proxy can work to unblock access to websites like Facebook, but a VPN can do so reliably and securely.

VPN Access is More Versatile than a Facebook Proxy

A VPN can allow users to regain access to various types of blocked websites and Internet enabled applications. Whether they are blocked by a school, the office, or the government, a VPN works to circumvent these restrictions. Services such as peer-to-peer file sharing, Facebook, and even email access are inaccessible to many Internet users. Several unblocking tools and services that are made to help people free their Internet are available online. They allow users to bypass Internet filters at different levels and to different degrees. Skype Facebook ProxyBut a VPN service is the one solution that can unblock almost any content regardless of the filter used. In addition, most other tools only work for websites and not for other software and applications.

VPN services are very good at protecting users and their data, especially in cases where users who defy the government’s policies may be severely punished. They are also useful in helping Internet users stay safe from being destructive virus infections, online scams, and identity and financial theft. Users can browse safely and even shop at online stores and do online banking while protected by the VPN. VPNs are especially useful when people need to secure their data when they connect to unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots and other public Internet connections and networks.

There are many different types of VPN technology, and users can choose what they need to use on top of having many server choices. The more well-know are Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, IP Security, Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol and OpenVPN. They work in different ways to bypass filters and restrictions, so make sure you know what you need before you subscribe to a package. Many providers allow you to download software that suits your device. This software will automatically configure the VPN connection so you can just run it, connect to a server, and start surfing.

Netflix Facebook ProxyWhen you use a VPN service, you are given a choice from among a variety of servers located worldwide. Depending on the company and package you choose, you can have the freedom to choose from up to 30 or more virtual locations. So in addition to getting to Facebook my selecting a country where it is not blocked, you get access to much more. If you had an account with a video or TV streaming service that is not allowed in your current location, the VPN can unblock it. The VPN works similarly for any online service or software that uses the Internet.

How VPNs Unblock Access

Simply put, VPNs encrypt Internet connections and user data. They assign users alternate IP addresses to make them appear as though they were connecting from a different physical location. VPN servers also provide additional security with anti-malware protection for users who are connected.

Hide IP Facebook ProxyData encryption allows VPN users to remain anonymous and therefore safe as they use the VPN service to unblock websites and applications. It prevents user tracking so that no company or agency can use the data sent to track down and identify the user. Your IP address is a unique set of numbers that is assigned to you by your ISP. This is a number unique to your Internet connection, and it can be used to locate and identify you when you are browsing online. The alternate IP address provides another path for the user to take when attempting to access a website or service. This IP is not on the list of addresses that are not allowed to connect to that website or service, so access is granted. Alternate IP s also additionally secure users from tracking since their browsers will not be able to identify them from the details connected to their original IP addresses. Some agencies use malware to help them track their users and prevent them from accessing the Internet freely. The anti-malware features of VPN servers prevent VPN users’ computers from being infected. The feature of course also secures users from other malware threats spread by hackers and cybercriminals.