EFF Promotes Pressuring Legislators to Fight NSA Spying

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Alvin Bryan

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EFF Fight NSA SpyingThe EFF has sunk their teeth into the issue of the NSA’s illegal spying activities, and is not letting go. They now fight NSA spying from several angles. The organization has one campaign for which they need a lot of help. They are calling on people to get in touch with their representatives to pressure them into action. The EFF says this is a very good way to fight NSA spying, and necessary to get the ball rolling on the legislative level.

The Voice of the Average American

There are so many different campaigns going on to fight NSA spying. But there is something lacking. This is why the EFF is calling on people to contact their representatives. There is great power in individuals personally contacting members of Congress and the Senate to voice their opinions on issues. And it is a very important step to fight NSA spying, which affects each individual on a very personal level.

Fight NSA Spying PetitionThe EFF says that the NSA does not exhibit any restraint when it comes to their surveillance activities. We therefore should do likewise when it comes to combating their behavior. People who fight NSA spying know that it is out of control. This is why they are pushing hard to make it stop. But more people need to get involved, more average American Internet users. These are the people from among the world’s population who have the power to fight NSA spying at the source. The source is the laws and policies of the US that give the NSA their powers.

Each One Must Fight NSA Spying

The EFF is calling on all Americans who want invasive spying to stop to call, write, petition and visit their local representatives. If Congress is going to get a move on, they need to be pushed. They need to hear from people who want to fight NSA spying, not just groups claiming to represent them. They need to count each voice for the campaign to have the impact it needs to be a catalyst for real reform. It worked when people stood against the reform bills from Congress and the White House, and it will work again.

The Senate needs to hear everyone, too, especially now. The USA Freedom Act will be up for a vote probably in September. The Senate needs to hear support for this proposal that will fight NSA spying. The Act is needed to limit NSA spying and enforce greater accountability now. With this legislation in place, we can build on it until we have the level of reform that we need.

Fight NSA Spying for Digital RightsMany of our representatives also do not know a lot about the specific aspects of digital rights and other technical issues. And when they are informed, the data often comes from lobbyists with personal and corporate agendas that do not represent the people. The people need to go in and tell their stories and explain their concerns. The EFF feels so strongly about this that they prepared a summary of the reasons why we fight NSA spying so that people can show it to their local representatives for reference.