Download VPNs to Preserve Net Neutrality

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Download VPNs FreedomNet neutrality is in more danger than you know. There are no laws to prevent US Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from blocking content and services. Internet users need to download VPNs to regain access. The open Internet is endangered by several similar practices. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is working on new laws. Meantime, these ISPs are free to manipulate content for profit. Users will need to download VPNs to maintain any semblance of the Internet as it was meant to be.

The ISP Menace to Net Neutrality

US ISPs have been threatening net neutrality in a way that is not clear to some Internet users. Now we want to bring these threats into the spotlight. ISPs have become a real menace to net neutrality. These broadband providers are not controlled by any laws. As such, they are free to apply several protocols that can destroy the open nature of the Internet.

Download VPNs AccessUS ISPs must put their own content above all others to ensure their growth. From their perspective, it is simply good business practice. They have therefore as a rule blocked the content of their competitors. They also promote their own content by giving special deals to certain partners. This locks others out from offering the same content to users. These ISPs also control content access through restricting connections. Partners who are not preferred or services who are not affiliated with the ISP do not get good connections. They therefore cannot supply their content with the same level of quality as the special partners can.

The upshot of all these practices is that users do not have equal access to online content. This stunts the natural vitality of the open Internet. The Internet cannot grow as it was intended because these providers have it by the throat.

The FCC Steps Up to Preserve Net Neutrality

The FCC is currently trying to put a stop to these practices that threaten net neutrality. If they can prohibit content and content delivery prioritization, they can preserve net neutrality. The FCC would then also be able to oversee any deals made between content and broadband providers. This would ensure quality content delivery with no strings attached.

Downoad VPNs FCCThe goal of the FCC is to force providers to comply with regulations on transparency. This would prevent providers from trying to make deals on the side. ISPs will therefore no longer be able to throttle certain content and give priority speeds to their preferred partners. They will also not be able to use network management to control the competition.

The FCC has tried to do this twice before, but their proposals were denied. The FCC has also faced criticism from net neutrality advocates. This third attempt addresses those concerns, however. The new proposal will better cover the loopholes that providers can manipulate for their benefit. It is therefore a better plan for preventing content discrimination. It will also therefore better preserve the potential for innovation and growth that is possible only with an open Internet. These types of procedures can be tricky, though, and take a lot of time. It may be several months before we can be assured of protection for the open Internet.

Download VPNs to Regain Equal Access

Download VPNsRight now, the only way Internet users can defeat content blocks and traffic discrimination is to download VPNs. VPNs hide your traffic from ISPs so they can’t manipulate that traffic. ISPs will degrade your connection if you are using a service that they don’t want to prioritize. They will promote their own content and discourage the use of applications that they don’t profit from. When you download VPNs, you regain control over your connection and traffic.

Many Internet users already download VPNs to get unrestricted access. But they don’t know how much ISP really manipulate traffic. The only way we can currently experience the Web as it was meant to be is to download VPNs for surfing. While we wait for the FCC to win back net neutrality, the tendency to download VPNs is expected to increase. This is our ticket to the open Internet despite ISP efforts to control our access. If you have not tried to download VPNs before, you can start with ExpressVPN. They are tried and tested for privacy and security to guarantee free access to Internet content.

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8 thoughts on “Download VPNs to Preserve Net Neutrality

  1. I agree. They really want control over traffic to monopolize it for profit. We need to stage a boycott or something to make them stop.

  2. It’s not that simple for me. I also use a VPN but we can’t just forget about it because we are ok for now. I am still active in fighting for net neutrality so that someday we can hope to get a good result.

    • I agree. We need to push back, all of us, otherwise they win in the end, at least with charging us all higher prices, at most by destroying the free nature of the Internet.

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