Digital Shadow and Facebook Data Mining

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Everyone is talking about how creepy the new website Digital Shadow is. But what this site really shows is how creepy Facebook is. And how easy it is to get targeted by any number of cybercriminals because of what you do on Facebook data mining. Facebook users need to practice anonymity on Facebook.

Digital Shadow

Facebook Data Mining Digital ShadowDigital Shadow is created by Ubisoft, the same team that brings us the video spy game Watch Dogs. It is reported as a website that practices Facebook data mining. What the website really does is show us what Facebook knows. Digital Shadow, with your permission, will dig up everything it can about you from the details in your Facebook account.

It is understandable how some people find it creepy. Digital Shadow can figure out what you do in your spare time, where you are located, your job and salary, your personality, and the passwords that you likely use. It can be helpful, too. It can tell you more about the people you interact with, when you are most likely to get hacked, and who is stalking you on Facebook. Even if your account has the most stringent privacy settings, Digital Shadow can come up with a pretty convincing profile of you. In a way, this is Facebook data mining. But it is more to make a point than to mine your data.

There is no real danger on the surface because you log in yourself. We don’t know what the site can do with those codes once you’ve logged in, however. But it is no more dangerous than using your Facebook logins to connect to any other account. Many people log into news sites and forums, for instance, via Facebook. It is considered secure. We also don’t know what the site can do with the profile that it has created about you. In the end, we come full circle back to the beginning. The real danger is having all that tell-tale data on Facebook in the first place.

Facebook Data Mining

Facebook Data MiningWe have all heard about how Facebook takes and uses our data. Facebook responds with announcements of better privacy settings. They even teach us how to use these settings. And we calm down and carry on, oblivious to Facebook data mining. Digital Shadow can serve as the stern warning that we all need to realize what is really going on. Then we can take steps to stop it from happening.

Facebook privacy settings may help to protect us from third parties. But Facebook still collects huge amounts of our data. And they have clear statements about owning everything that we put there. Even if you delete your account, Facebook can keep everything you have ever uploaded. The statements on the website reflect an attitude that is more descriptive of Facebook that it is of them. To Facebook, we are clusters of data that can be reformed by algorithms into valuable profiles. Digital Shadow reminds us that this is exactly what we leave behind when we give data to the Internet. Everything we do online is a clue to who we are.

Keeping Your Profile Private

Data mining goes on everywhere. Even the sites that seem to us to be the most professional do it. To make a statement, Facebook is pinpointed as an example. They have a history of invasive data gathering and blunt, offensive statements about privacy. But the truth is that businesses everywhere collect and profit from our data.

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5 thoughts on “Digital Shadow and Facebook Data Mining

  1. I wanted to start from scrathc on Facebook when I learned about NSA and stuff but it was so complicated. Now I really wil. wipe that account and start clean.

  2. This is certainly unnerving. I tried my Facebook and I am shocked at what they can know about me. I am in the process of moving to a new account since October but now I will really delete my old account.

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