Data Protection for Kids

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Alvin Bryan

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Data Protection for KidsOur kids are going back to school, and preparations are well under way. But preparation is more than new school supplies. Kids need to be reviewed on safety practices. Parents also need to get up to speed on the types of technology that will be employed in classroom activities. Technology is a great teaching aid, but it can put family privacy at risk.

Data Protection at School

Because of the increased participation of various technologies in learning today, schools are gathering a lot of data from students. This data helps teachers engage better with students and keep an eye on their progress. But are schools taking the necessary precautions to safeguard all this data? We are seeing more and bigger data breaches than ever before. Schools are not immune to these breaches and can become major targets of data hungry hackers. The amounts of data collected on students and their families is a treasure trove for many organizations.

Parents need to take an active role in making their schools aware of the privacy and security concerns involved. Schools are not likely to be well versed in data protection standards and techniques. Parents need to raise a few important points to get the ball rolling.

Educational Data ProtectionParents need to know what types of technology are being used in school. This refers to both administrative and educational tools. From there, research can be done to find out about the data policies of the specific tools or websites and the companies behind them. The school may not be able to control data security if it is being fed directly to software providers and websites.

Parents need to know who is gathering data on their kids’ attendance, finances, discipline, health and other sensitive information. They can then push these services to provide data protection for their kids. The school may have its own policies, and the district where they live may also provide data safeguards. But data protection is not the same everywhere, and parents may have to take their own steps to protect the sensitive data of their families.

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One thought on “Data Protection for Kids

  1. Schools really dont look into the policies of the services they use, only the educational value of the tools. But students can also help because they are likely more aware of what’s going on in the digital sphere anyway.

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