Data Privacy with Brazil VPNs and Net Neutrality Law

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Brazil VPNs DataBrazil went on a public rampage when they found out about NSA spying. Their president, Dilma Rousseff, was one of the victims of personal data snooping. Brazil then began fast tracking laws that would prevent data collection. But these laws do not stop system intrusion or local spying. Brazil VPNs are still needed to fully shield people from invasive data gathering.

Brazil Data Laws

Brazil has been working overtime on a few laws to protect local data. These laws have not yet been passed. But they aim to force companies to respect data privacy. Officials were originally very adamant about strict data protection policies. They had firm stances in the provisions of both the bills on Internet bill of rights and net neutrality. These provisions were made in support of Brazilian data privacy. The net neutrality bill had been almost forgotten, resurrected by Snowden’s revelations to serve this purpose. One strict policy to be enforced was on keeping data on customers on local servers only. Any company serving Brazil was to comply.

Google Data StorageRecently, the provisions on data privacy have loosened. Big Internet companies like Google have been pressing Brazilian authorities. Many predicted that Brazil would stand firm. But the result is that the laws will no longer require companies to store customer data locally. No reasons were given for why Brazil conceded to these companies. The bill, without local data storage requirements, was passed by the lower house of the Brazilian Congress this week.

Privacy advocates are also concerned that Brazil has few provisions on how customer data is used locally. There has been such a great focus on preventing foreign spying. It has detracted from the powers of local authorities to monitor Internet activity in the country. Spying by local authorities can be equally damaging to Internet users. This is why privacy rights are now universal. This means that every Internet user is protected from data snooping. And they are protected from both local and foreign agencies.

Brazil VPNs Give Additional Protection

Brazil VPNs DataBrazil is going to allow certain Internet companies like Google to store customer data on offshore servers. This is a suspicious change to Brazilian data privacy provisions. These companies have a history of sharing data with the NSA. It is surprising that Brazil, so angered by the spying, would trust data to companies that have willingly complied with NSA secret data collection in the past. There is no way now that Brazilian Internet users can secure their data if they use these services. Only Brazil VPNs can help them anonymize their data. By ensuring that data cannot be connected with individuals, Brazil VPNs keep users safe from profiling and monitoring.

Brazil VPNs can also protect Internet users from local spying. Everyone has the right to keep their personal details private. And responsible Brazil VPNs are there to help people defend that right. Brazil VPNs will hide users’ IP addresses so that local ISPs, authorities, and companies cannot track them. They can also enjoy the freedom of accessing any available content on the Internet with these Brazil VPNs. Internet freedom and online privacy will always be under attack from one camp or another. Dependable Brazil VPNs are the tolls that are made available to Internet users so they can stand up against these threats.

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