China VPN for Google No More with Encrypted Global Search?

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Alvin Bryan

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Google China VPNThere is talk that soon people will not need to use a China VPN to get unadulterated Google search results. The Internet giant is encrypting Google searches in the country. The move looks like it is going to defeat the Great Firewall. Only time will tell, but at least as far as Google is concerned, it will be liberating to access the real Google. Getting search results may be possible without a China VPN. But in the interest of top security and privacy, continuing to use your China VPN is a good idea.

Google Global Search Encryption Defeats the Great Firewall

We know China’s Great Firewall to be one of the strongest Internet filters in the world. But Google has started to encrypt searches from China. This search encryption is allowing Internet users in China to use the search engine and get unfiltered results. It is proving to be a real challenge to China Internet censorship and user monitoring capabilities. So far, the powerful China filtering system has been unable to defeat it. Google has launched this encryption effort as part of their campaign to provide users worldwide with better online privacy. They want to protect users of their services from government spying, hackers as well as censorship.

China VPN FirewallChina’s firewall catches all searches made from within the country. Then it blocks any queries that they deem undesirable. Usually this means content that colors China leadership in a less than stellar light. With Google’s encryption technology, the government can’t see what users in China are searching for, so the content can’t be blocked. Apparently, all users need to do is update their browsers to take advantage of Google search encryption. We may also soon see the same in other countries that practice censorship. Google has made no comment on this yet, but Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and other nations with highly censored censorship may soon enjoy unadulterated Google search as well. At the very least, these countries will have a very hard time trying to filter out particular pieces of content. When someone in those countries submit a query, the agencies in charge of censorship won’t be able to track down the exact pages. The users will get some protection as well because it will be hard for them to know who typed in the searches.

Don’t Dump your China VPN Just Yet

There is one obvious reason for Internet users in China to stop using a China VPN. This is that a China VPN grants access to more than just unfiltered Google results. And now with Google encryption, they can do that without a VPN. But a China VPN also protects users from being discovered. The Google encryption system looks like it will help users stay safe from monitoring and tracking. But this system is untested. The system will make it hard for the Chinese government to know what content is being searched for. And it will make it hard for them to identify the users who executed the queries. But hard is not impossible. A China VPN is that extra layer of protection that Internet users still need to ensure that they can Google all they want without being found out.

China VPN ServicesGoogle encryption will prevent government censors from filtering out searched content. They won’t be able to see it as easily as they have before. But there is already a long list of what content can’t be accessed from China. For this, a China VPN is still needed to be able to access the desired pages. And a China VPN is what protects users from their ISPs so they can privately open those pages without being ratted out to the government. And China could decide to block Google entirely. So the only way for users to access not only the search engine but all Google services would be to go back to their China VPNs. And privacy advocates warn that Google encryption does not protect users from their data being taken by the company. Again, a China VPN is what will be there to protect their sensitive information.

Default encryption may be the future for all web content. But this pioneering move by Google will take some time to catch on. And then it will take more time for web services to jump on the bandwagon. That is, if they are willing to make the necessary investment in encryption technologies. It can get very expensive to develop and maintain encryption that is safe from being corrupted by powerful government agencies.


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