Change and Hide IPs with VPN

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Anonymizing online activity has become more important this year than it ever was. Fortunately, it is also easier than ever to change or hide IP addresses to secure online activity. Using a VPN to hide IP addresses is a very easy and effective way to shield your privacy.

What an IP Says About the User

Every Hide IPs with ExpressVPNcomputer or mobile device used to connect to the Internet has an IP address. Each IP is assigned by the ISP, a unique address on a particular Internet connection. The IP contains or links to a lot of information about the computer or mobile device used to access the Internet. It can also lead to a lot of personal information about the user. This depends on what is available on the connected computer or device. If users don’t hide IP addresses, their personal information becomes publicly available. More information about users can be taken from their ISP registration. With new Internet regulations, the government can demand more information that previously possible under law. It is quite easy to hide IP addresses so your real location, computer name, ISP information, online activities and more, cannot be seen.

Use VPN Connections to Safely Hide IP Addresses

There ExpressVPN Hide IP Freedomare many ways to change and hide IP addresses. Most of these are not very secure, though. They don’t use encryption or prevent tracking. A VPN is a very secure way to change and effectively hide IP addresses. When connected to a VPN, the original IP is hidden through the secure VPN server.

Users can hide IP addresses automatically on a VPN as soon as they connect. The user connects by selecting a VPN server. The VPN then routes all user traffic to that VPN server. The VPN server has an IP that is different from any user’s IP. Traffic can be traced back to the VPN server, but the detected IP is the server IP. VPN servers hide IP addresses by preventing the tracking from going any further. Users’ real IP addresses remain hidden. Changing the IP is simply a matter of connecting to a different VPN server.

VPN ExpressVPN Hide IP Privacyservices of course have the ability to track your original IP. VPN service providers therefore must be trusted to hide IP addresses. Selecting the VPN that can help you keep your information and activities private depends on their privacy and logging policies. To really hide IP addresses, there needs to be no record of the connection, and no trail of the link between the original IP and the server IP used to mask it. So choose your VPN service provider wisely.