YouTube VPNs Bypass ISP Throttling When Deals Go Bad

Have you ever wondered why YouTube is sometimes painfully slow? It is because Internet service providers have been degrading YouTube traffic. Video streaming is very heavy, so Internet service providers want more money to let the traffic through. The only … Continue reading

Level 3 Reports 6 ISPs Implementing Internet Fast Lane

Protesters of the FCC proposal for net neutrality worry about ISPs creating Internet fast lanes. The trouble began with Comcast – Netflix deal. But many activists and users worry about this near extortion being picked up by other broadband providers. … Continue reading

New Tech Company Policies and VPNs for Privacy Ease Concerns

The big names in Internet services have decided to stand up to the government. The government has been requesting a lot of user data. They haven’t given companies permission to give notice about these requests. But Google, Facebook, Microsoft and … Continue reading

Turkey VPNs Reestablish Uncensored YouTube and Google Access

The Turkey-Google web wars are getting more interesting. Turkey claimed that the YouTube leaks were an attempt to undermine the government. Google fired back three days later claiming that Turkey is intercepting its web domain and redirecting users to other … Continue reading

Turkey Twitter Ban Illegal, Twitter VPN Services Popular

The bans in Turkey of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have raised a lot of questions. The most recent is a question of the legality of increasing Twitter censorship. The government did approve the move to develop greater censorship capabilities. But … Continue reading