Millionaire Tyupkin Malware ATM Hackers May Come to US, India After Hitting Europe

Tyupkin malware has been installed by hackers on ATMs all over the world. Europe got hit first, making millions for the hackers behind the attack. Now, Internet security firm Kaspersky and Interpol caution that the US and India may be … Continue reading

Online and VPN Data Encryption: the Key to Fighting NSA Spying

Internet users have been depending on VPN data encryption to help secure their online activities. But this does not secure the user data that Internet companies store on their servers. Edward Snowden has been promoting encryption as the cure for … Continue reading

VoIP VPNs Block Governments Who Still Listen to Calls

Vodafone released a surprisingly detailed report last week on the governments that snoop on telephone conversations. The 29 countries they serve around the world are included. Vodafone is one of the biggest providers of cellular service in the world. Quite … Continue reading

Windows OS VPN Versus DirectAccess

The Windows 8 operating system has incorporated a feature called DirectAccess. They added this element to allow better IT manageability of a remote workforce. Windows OS VPNs have been used for years to secure communications between remote workers and office … Continue reading

New Tech Company Policies and VPNs for Privacy Ease Concerns

The big names in Internet services have decided to stand up to the government. The government has been requesting a lot of user data. They haven’t given companies permission to give notice about these requests. But Google, Facebook, Microsoft and … Continue reading