US VPN Stops Companies from Sniffing WiFi Traffic

Google has snooped on WiFi traffic just like the NSA has. Last September, an appeals court ruled that this snooping could be in violation of the Wiretap Act. Now Google is looking to the Supreme Court to decide the issue. … Continue reading

VPN for iPhone Gives Security Despite Apple SSL Bug

A new defect has just been uncovered in the Mac OSX and iOS transport layer security. This defect makes all versions from 5th gen iPod, iPad 2 and iPhone 4 vulnerable to hackers. It also affects newer Mac OSX versions. … Continue reading

Protect Routers from Attacks with Netherlands VPN

Hackers and online thieves have for some time now been targeting individual internet users and small businesses. Most of them no longer try to get the bigger fish because these smaller ones are so much easier to catch. Internet users … Continue reading

A Secure VPN Keeps Credit Card Data Safe

Any information that you send over the Internet can be seen by anyone with a few tools and the desire to know. Credit Card details are popular targets because they are used on many websites, often stored, and can be … Continue reading