Comcast WiFi is Injecting JavaScript to Serve Ads

Back in June, Comcast was criticized for leveraging home WiFi for their public WiFi project. Now they are taking heat again for dangerous Xfinity ad practices. Comcast calls their ads “alerts” and “reminders”. But this does not detract from the … Continue reading

WiFi VPNs and Evil Twin Hotspots

WiFi VPNs are the best tools that average Internet users have today to protect them from evil twin hotspots. WiFi VPNs secure users’ connections on unprotected networks so their traffic and data can’t be intercepted. WiFi VPNs also work very … Continue reading

Business Travelers Need VPN Tunneling Software

Some businesses have corporate VPNs and internal secure communications that protect their networks from intrusion. But many do not, and people who travel for business do not therefore have the same protection. They need VPN tunneling software to secure sensitive … Continue reading

Personal Data Leaks and Online Security VPNs

Ars Technica recently conducted a test on personal data leaks. From their experiment with National Public Radio (NPR), they found that passive surveillance is still very powerful. Websites, services and apps continue to leak personal data. This is happening even … Continue reading