VPN Website Access Preserves Streaming Speeds as ISPs Spend Less on Network Upgrades

The biggest Internet service providers (ISPs) in the US are spending progressively less on network upgrades. This may explain why subscribers aren’t getting the service they deserve. And it signals a tendency for connection reliability to degrade over time. Internet … Continue reading

Level 3 Reports 6 ISPs Implementing Internet Fast Lane

Protesters of the FCC proposal for net neutrality worry about ISPs creating Internet fast lanes. The trouble began with Comcast – Netflix deal. But many activists and users worry about this near extortion being picked up by other broadband providers. … Continue reading

VPNs for Netflix Ensure Speeds as Comcast Deal Kills Net Neutrality

Netflix has closed the deal with Comcast to deliver their content at higher speeds. This at first sounds like a great deal for all their subscribers. But it goes against the net neutrality agreement that all ISPs should honor. Letting … Continue reading

YouTube VPN Vs. Proxy

Proxies and VPNs work basically the same way when used to bypass content access restrictions. But when compared for anonymity, performance, and security, a clear contrast appears. A good YouTube VPN will outshine a proxy in all of these aspects. … Continue reading

An Unblock Websites VPN Defeats Website Censorship

To defeat website censorship, users have tried different tools for changing their IP addresses and rerouting their traffic. They are all types of proxies, but most of these methods have defects. Sometimes they are too difficult to use. Other times … Continue reading