VPNs for Android Prevent SSL Exploits

Using VPNs for Android can help people keep their phones and tablets safe from the latest threat to mobile security. Trend Micro has discovered a new SSL vulnerability that affects Android users. It can fake authentication and open a long … Continue reading

NSA Treasure Map Responsible for German Telecom Breaches

Earlier this year, news came out of NSA hacks on several telecommunications companies. Last November, the New York Times reported on the Treasure Map program of the NSA. The same batch of documents and recent telecom hacks now show that … Continue reading

Comcast WiFi is Injecting JavaScript to Serve Ads

Back in June, Comcast was criticized for leveraging home WiFi for their public WiFi project. Now they are taking heat again for dangerous Xfinity ad practices. Comcast calls their ads “alerts” and “reminders”. But this does not detract from the … Continue reading

BBC Says VPN Users are Pirates

The Australian government has consulted with BBC on controlling copyright infringement. The commercial division of the corporation responded, saying that VPN users are probably illegally downloading content. This is an unfair assumption especially in today’s privacy-conscious world. Australia’s Content Piracy … Continue reading