A Guide to Mobile Phone Use for US Protesters

There have been a lot of very big protests in the past year relating to the Internet. There have been battles for Internet freedom and fights for net neutrality. In the midst of all these protests, a lot of US … Continue reading

Private Messaging Not So Private

Viber and WhatsApp were in the news last April for sending unencrypted data. New research shows that a lot of other apps are doing the same. We use these apps thinking that we get private messaging. But they are putting … Continue reading

App Permissions That Signal Threats

We use a lot of different apps these days. Some of them we rely on. Others we find convenient from time to time. Yet others we download to try out then forget about. They’re just apps, mostly for fun, a … Continue reading

The Secret NSA Surveillance Engine

ICREACH is the NSA surveillance engine that has been supplying data to about twenty other agencies. The Intercept released a full description of the program from a batch of documents that may have originally come from The Pentagon. The surveillance … Continue reading