Netflix VPN Use Rises Despite Proposed Price Hike

Netflix plans to raise prices for new subscribers soon. This comes despite record signups to the service and Netflix VPNs. Netflix says it’s for content improvements, but the Comcast deal makes it look suspicious. Record Netflix VPN and Account Signups … Continue reading

Netflix VPN and Scam Checklist for Online Safety

There’s a new scam out there aimed at Netflix customers. The scam tries to get customers to reveal their personal details. Known as a phishing scam, it starts with tracking a user and ends in theft. Using a Netflix VPN … Continue reading

VPNs for Netflix Ensure Speeds as Comcast Deal Kills Net Neutrality

Netflix has closed the deal with Comcast to deliver their content at higher speeds. This at first sounds like a great deal for all their subscribers. But it goes against the net neutrality agreement that all ISPs should honor. Letting … Continue reading

Preserve Net Neutrality with a VPN for Hulu and More

ISPs have played a big role in enforcing the various regulations that block access to internet content. But the internet was built to support free access to information. Net neutrality has therefore become an issue. Users seek to preserve and … Continue reading