Online and VPN Data Encryption: the Key to Fighting NSA Spying

Internet users have been depending on VPN data encryption to help secure their online activities. But this does not secure the user data that Internet companies store on their servers. Edward Snowden has been promoting encryption as the cure for … Continue reading

New Tech Company Policies and VPNs for Privacy Ease Concerns

The big names in Internet services have decided to stand up to the government. The government has been requesting a lot of user data. They haven’t given companies permission to give notice about these requests. But Google, Facebook, Microsoft and … Continue reading

VPN for iPhone Gives Security Despite Apple SSL Bug

A new defect has just been uncovered in the Mac OSX and iOS transport layer security. This defect makes all versions from 5th gen iPod, iPad 2 and iPhone 4 vulnerable to hackers. It also affects newer Mac OSX versions. … Continue reading

VPN Sales Climb Despite Apple Denials of NSA Backdoor

Tim Cook, Apple Inc. Chief Executive firmly stated months ago that there is no backdoor in Apple systems. He reiterated this statement last week, stressing that there is no secret access that the NSA or other agencies can use to … Continue reading