BitLicense Will Allow Bitcoin Spying in New York

The authorities in New York want BitLicense, a license that will allow Bitcoin spying by the state. New York state will spy on everyone who uses Bitcoin by the powers that BitLicense gives them to force Bitcoin services to require … Continue reading

Australians are Fighting Data Retention Laws

Governments of all kinds throughout history have incited fear in their people. They are supposed to provide a stable foundation, but can’t help doing this because of their greed for power. Their goal is not to uphold the rights of … Continue reading

The Dangers of Digital Spying with IMSI Catchers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has pointed out that a big threat to phone and Internet privacy is a lack of support. Digital privacy has many advocates, but the international battle against digital spying needs as many people as it … Continue reading

Is an Internet Bill of Rights for Privacy Feasible?

Tim Berners-Lee still defends the Internet, even decades after its birth. He now advocates a new Magna Carta for the online world. He says that it makes online privacy feasible and is a step towards regaining freedom. The Internet should … Continue reading