How to Prevent Data Leaks with a Mobile Device VPN

Many websites can leak your personal information. Some of them have started using encryption after they learned about NSA spying. But even so, their mobile versions are not secured. Without a mobile device VPN, your phone will leak a lot … Continue reading

Personal Data Leaks and Online Security VPNs

Ars Technica recently conducted a test on personal data leaks. From their experiment with National Public Radio (NPR), they found that passive surveillance is still very powerful. Websites, services and apps continue to leak personal data. This is happening even … Continue reading

Snapchat VPN for Privacy

Snapchat was advertised as a private media sharing service. Many flocked to it because it promised that shared media would be deleted after a certain period. But this has not been happening according to a recent report from the Electronic … Continue reading

Anonymity VPNs for Coming up form the Dark Web for Air

The dark has always been the place where people hide. The Internet has dark corners, too. The Dark Web is the underbelly of the Internet. This is where people can find encrypted websites that allow them to be anonymous. But … Continue reading

Security VPN and World Password Day

Have you ever heard of World Password Day? Well, neither did a lot of people. World Password Day doesn’t really exist. It is a campaign by It aims to emphasize the need for creating and maintaining strong passwords. With … Continue reading