New Facebook Malware from Videos

There is a trojan virus that is spreading like wildfire across Facebook. It comes from malicious websites that users access via a video link. This is not the first Facebook malware scam, but this particular video malware is fast and … Continue reading

Can We Hope for Real Privacy on Facebook?

Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are infamous for their stance on privacy. But the company and Zuckerberg himself have been harshly criticized for it for years. But Facebook has been making changes that might indicate a change of heart. … Continue reading

Data Protection Act Sparks UK Inquiry into Facebook Experiment

By now we have all heard about the Facebook experiment. It is a psychological experiment that they have done in secret. Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users have been affected. Now the UK is conducting an inquiry into this experiment. … Continue reading

NSA and Facebook Spying is European Court of Justice Next Target

NSA and Facebook spying is a bad combination. We know that the NSA has taken user data from Facebook. And we know that Facebook has a long history of taking user data and violating user privacy. We also know that … Continue reading

Shopping VPNs Stop Marketers from Manipulating Emotions

Marketers invest in research to discover how to make people buy things. Part of this research involves emotions and how they can be manipulated to elicit different responses. This means that marketers are gathering a lot of user info and … Continue reading