Security VPNs Protect Data from IE Bug

News of an Internet Explorer (IE) bug was announced a few days ago. It is a serious flaw that permits attackers to hijack computers via the browser. There is no patch for the bug to date. Users who run security … Continue reading

Australia VPNs Help as Cybercriminals Attack One in Four Users

Cybercriminal attacks on Australians have increased this year. About one in every four is a victim, a very high percentage. Australia VPNs have not been popular in the past. With these new threats, however, Internet users are expected to turn … Continue reading

Google Promises Better Android Security after App Scam

30,000 Android users were cheated by a fake security app. The app somehow got through Google Play app screening. Users are now being refunded. Google is also promising better Android security against malicious apps. Google Apologizes for Fake Virus Shield … Continue reading

Most Free Heartbleed Tools are Defective

Many companies and individuals have been using free tools to check website vulnerabilities. But 95% of these free Heartbleed tools are defective. They can be giving website owners and users false comfort, putting them at even greater risk. Defective Heartbleed … Continue reading

VPN Services Halt Account Breaches; Data Theft Increases by 40%

The number of account breaches has not increased since 2013 as expected. Security experts attribute much of this to the use of VPN services. But data thefts have increased by 40% despite the decrease in account hacks. Experts say that … Continue reading