Business Travelers Need VPN Tunneling Software

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Some businesses have corporate VPNs and internal secure communications that protect their networks from intrusion. But many do not, and people who travel for business do not therefore have the same protection. They need VPN tunneling software to secure sensitive business files and communications while connected to Wi-Fi hotspots. Without it, many business travelers are putting sensitive data at risk.

Safe Wi-Fi with VPN Tunneling Software

WiFi VPN Tunneling SoftwareTypical business travelers connect to Wi-Fi hotspots often and at various places. There is airport Wi-Fi where they connect to get last minute instructions. There is also in-flight Wi-Fi for sorting out the details. Before important meetings, business travelers often visit cafés where Wi-Fi is available to put on the finishing touches. Afterwards, it’s back to work on hotel Wi-Fi, updating coworkers. Working on the go is typical of many people who travel a lot for work. But unsafe connections can be very dangerous without VPN tunneling software. It is even more dangerous because of the increased frequency with which people work from various public Wi-Fi connections. And since working on the run is so common, VPN tunneling software is a very practical solution to public Wi-Fi security.

Airports do not often secure their Wi-Fi connections because it would be pointless to do so. The Wi-Fi is available to everyone there, and there are usually a lot of people at airports. The same is true for hotels. Cafés sometimes secure their Wi-Fi while others find it very inconvenient. To be secure, they would have to change the passwords daily or even every few hours. In any case, these passwords are given out to anyone who asks for them. And a hacker can get down to business just as quickly as any traveler at these hotspots. VPN tunneling software provides users with secure and private connections via open Wi-Fi so hackers can’t attack them.

VPN Tunneling Software is Convenient and Affordable

Express VPN Tunneling SoftwareVPN tunneling software is very simple to install and use, and doesn’t interfere with other running applications. This gives travelers a big advantage. Some VPN tunneling software is made lightweight, like the ExpressVPN, specifically so it does not slow down the devices that users carry around on the go. Lugging around heavy and bulky laptops is literally a drag when traveling. Using tablets or even smartphones to work while traveling is therefore becoming common because it is much more convenient. So business travelers need light VPN tunneling software that their devices can handle.

Small businesses are no longer limited to operating in a small physical area. Widening service areas has become possible because of the Internet. But small businesses cannot always afford sophisticated corporate security for their networks. VPN tunneling software is the affordable solution to getting ample protection for business data. People who work for small businesses normally use personal accounts. For instance, they would use personal emails and online storage to communicate with coworkers and the office. When they log in to these accounts at Wi-Fi hotspots, they are opening up the sensitive business data stored there to hackers. VPN tunneling software prevents intruders from seeing what accounts are being logged into so they can’t be spied on.

4 thoughts on “Business Travelers Need VPN Tunneling Software

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  2. A lot of people don’t think that VPNs are valuable enough because they don’t understand how dangerous it really is. And everyone needs to use a VPN, not just business workers.

  3. We started using VPNs 9 months ago when we couldn’t figure out where intrusions were happening and voila, 97% of attacks stopped. We are living proof that BYOD VPNs work.

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