Brazil, Europe Internet Cable Versus NSA VPN

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Alvin Bryan

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NSA VPN PrivacIt has been a primary goal of several countries to preserve net neutrality and steer clear of NSA surveillance. On Monday, the EU and Brazil made an agreement to put in their own undersea Internet cable. This would ease fears of NSA spying on Brazil. The EU supports this and even considers ending their data transfer agreement with the US. As a cost-effective and immediate solution to Internet privacy, users can depend on NSA VPN services. This can secure their communications until the cable is ready for use.

The EU-Brazil Internet Cable

The proposed cable will run from Lisbon, Portugal to Fortaleza, Brazil. It will cost about 185 billion US dollars. The expense will be shared by Brazil and the EU, though how much of it will be Brazil’s responsibility is still being negotiated. Part of the need for a new cable is also the fact that the current link is so outdated that it is only used for voice communications. The new cable may be operational as early as next year.

NSA VPN SummitBrazilian President Dilma Rousseff is serious about the project that she believes is essential to breaking free from dependence on the US. The US currently controls the majority of current fiber optic cables. An alternate line is the country’s way of ensuring that it does not get spied on by the NSA. And Rousseff believes that it will preserve net neutrality. She commented at a news conference with the European Council and European Commission presidents that human rights such as Internet privacy and freedom of expression must be guaranteed.

EU Supports NSA-Free Internet

NSA VPN SurveillanceThe EU has been outraged since the NSA got caught out spying on the communications of millions of citizens and their governments. And so they join Brazil in planning for a cable that will connect Europe and Brazil, free from US influence. Evidence of spying on the private communications of Rousseff, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and some EU entities helped. Rousseff verbalized the similar goals that they have for NSA-free Internet. Barak Obama now forbids spying on US allies, but the ban came after trust between the nations had already been seriously weakened.

During the press conference it was also revealed that Brussels is thinking about ending their data transfer agreement with the US. They and the rest of the EU is waiting for US guarantees that their citizens’ data will be protected from further surveillance. The EU is one of the major investors in Brazil, which has shown promising economic growth. The new cable will fortify the ties between the two and may prompt a faster resolution to delayed free trade negotiations with Mercosur. Still, the success f the cable deal may depend on Argentina’s agreement to the deal. Uruguay and Paraguay are on board with Brazil.

NSA VPNs a More Cost-Effective Solution

Though having their own cable may make communications between Brazil and Europe easier, the expense may be too much for the Brazilian economy to bear. It is one of the world’s top emerging economies. But the 50% minimum investment that some EU officials are calling for may be too large. A more cost-effective solution for many at this time would be to depend on NSA VPNs to block tracking and prevent similar agencies from snooping as well. It is certainly a viable solution for the time being. It will take about a year before the new Internet cable is ready for use. Meantime, we can expect spy agencies of all types to be gathering as much intel as they can, while they can. The use of NSA VPNs will protect this project and all involved until it gets off the ground. The NSA among other top spy agencies are not above trying to sneak their way into systems. A year will be enough time for them to gain unauthorized access if the plans are not protected by strong NSA VPNs. Leaks happen all the time, and it is NSA VPNs that stand in the way of intrusion.

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