Best VPNs for Blocking Data Brokers

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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

Data Best VPNsData brokers make a living off internet user’s browsing activities and purchase histories. This may not be so bad because it helps companies serve people with appropriate ads. But to do this, data brokers also take internet users’ personal information. Having your location, age, name, marital status, financial woes, education, race, preferred lifestyle and many other details openly accessible is a grave privacy and security threat. They need the best VPNs to help them gain control over their data.

What Data Brokers Look For

Someone surfing for deals on cute baby clothes, information on the best pre-natal vitamins and where to buy anti-stretch mark cream reveals that she is an expectant mother. It’s an invasion of privacy. And what’s more, data brokers pay attention to such events because it marks big changes in the consumer’s spending habits. Other such events include health concerns, marriage, divorce, house hunting, and college applications. These big life events like illness can affect credit ratings and insurance rates. They can also influence a range of factors from how much online stores will charge you for items to how you will fare on job applications.

Best VPNs DataAnd having your activities monitored could be worse than just having a bunch of people know you are pregnant. Consumer profiling doesn’t just affect how much you might have to pay because you’ve been labeled as living in a high-income zip code. Or that you are not a prime candidate for a certain job because of the kinds of shows you watch and what you like to chat about. Someone browsing for a book about homemade bombs out of curiosity could get reported as a suspected terrorist. All this information gets matched up to other browsing data, gets recorded and filed, and sold to or shared with interested parties.

Best VPNs for Data Privacy

Best VPNs PrivacyPeople need to know what data brokers are digging around for, and how they can stop it from happening. Most people accept it as a common practice that helps them view ads for products and services that they might be interested in. But many do not realize the dangers. Most websites will disclose that they gather information about internet users’ browsing activities. But they do not explain that this includes some very personal bits of information. Having the best VPNs to protect that information is an important personal security move.

Not all VPNs are alike, and choosing the best VPNs depends on their privacy policies, encryption protocols, and tunneling technology. The best VPNs will not store your information on their servers. They will therefore not have this information available when the government requests it or companies offer to buy it. The best VPNs will also use strong encryption protocols and tunneling technology to protect user data from being intercepted and shared.

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