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Alvin Bryan

Alvin Bryan is a freelance writer and online privacy enthusiast enthusiast currently contributing quality tips and troubleshooting on personal VPN services, and online privacy and security news. You can also find him on Google +.

The BBC iPlayer UK IPmajority of people from the UK and many more worldwide rely on BBC to keep them updated on the latest news and events. They also enjoy the variety of shows with the BBC quality they have come to trust. BBC launched iPlayer to help mobile users catch up with these broadcasts. Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is not available to users outside the UK. These deprived users will be pleased to know that they can connect via a VPN service to get a UK IP for access to BBC iPlayer content.

BBC is by far the most popular broadcasting company in the UK, and remains the largest in the world. BBC offers programming that is free of ads, and is known for quality content. Some of the most popular programs available on iPlayer include world famous “Top Gear”, “Natural World” and “EastEnders” as well as a variety of cooking, drama, health and comedy shows. iPlayer also offers many other TV channels like Channels 4 and 5, Film 4, 5USA and the Community Channel. This makes BBC iPlayer a much coveted video streaming service. But without a UK IP, users are limited to BBC Radio broadcasts.

The UK IP BBC iPlayerfull BBC iPlayer television service is not available to people living or working outside the UK. But these are the users who need it the most. UK expatriates hunger for updates from BC. Travelers need iPlayer to help them catch up with the news they missed for the past week. BBC iPlayer helps Brits overseas stay informed despite their hectic schedules and modern lifestyles. They can now turn to a VPN offering UK IP addresses to regain access to iPlayer.

Geolocation blocks on BBC iPlayer partly stem from licensing restrictions. UK residents enjoy BBC because they pay a license fee to access BBC broadcasts on their televisions. iPlayer availability is of course affected by this fee structure. But people from the UK who just happen to be overseas still crave access to the service. They have made it part of their daily routines, and with a UK IP, they don’t need to give it up. Many other people around the world who appreciate quality news and shows can now get it too. BBC fans the world over can have iPlayer with a simple VPN connection that offers a UK IP.

How Does a UK IP VPN Work?

A VPN provider with a server in the UK can provide users with a UK IP address. The user connects to the VPN, and selects the UK server. This server routes the user’s traffic through the UK server. By passing through the server with a UK IP, the connection is seen as coming from a UK IP. The user is therefore granted access to UK IP only services like BBC iPlayer. No matter where VPN users are physically located, the UK server gives them a UK IP address.

Why Use a VPN for UK IP Spoofing

Faking UK IP for BBC iPlayera UK IP can also be done through proxy servers and DNS snooping. But using a VPN to get a UK IP is the safest and easiest way. VPN services provide data and traffic encryption as part of their packages. This keeps users’ original IP addresses hidden. Their online activities are also safe from being detected by tracking and monitoring software used by ISPs and other Internet companies. The UK IP is what is detected, and the tracking stops at the VPN server. VPN users, on a UK IP or any other server offered, benefit greatly from online anonymity and increased online privacy. These VPN benefits extend outside of specific applications to general website browsing. The privacy and security afforded by the UK IP or other connection apply to all Internet enabled applications on the user’s computer, tablet, and mobile device. VPN users are safe even on dangerous open or public WiFi hotspots.

Selecting a UK IP VPN Provider

Find a reliable VPN provider with several available UK IP addresses on their UK server cluster. Some providers will have different privacy policies depending on applicable laws, so look into that. Internet companies and VPN providers operating in the EU for instance are required to log user activities. This includes UK VPN providers. Choose a VPN provider who can keep your personal data and connection details safe while you are on the UK IP.

Speed Fast UK IP VPNis another consideration. iPlayer is a live streaming service, which requires a faster connection than regular website browsing. Remember also that routing traffic through the UK IP will slow down your connection somewhat. Find a VPN provider with a reputation for high speeds on their UK IP servers. You will need about 2Mbps for standard streaming and at least 4Mbps for high definition. Make allowances for high traffic as well if your viewing time coincides with peak viewing hours in the UK. At these times you might want at least 10Mbps while connected to the UK IP.