Australia VPN with DD-WRT Routers

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Alvin Bryan

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Australia VPN DD_WRTAustralian ISPs offer some of the fastest connections in the world to their users. And yet many users in Australia cannot get all they want out of their connections. Access restrictions play a major role in their woes. But an Australia VPN can reopen their internet so they can get to all the content they want and need. And with high speeds and DD-WRT routers, Australian internet users have the potential for the best internet experience.

DD-WRT Advantages

DD-WRT is firmware that is based on Linux. It gives users a different way from standard firmware to manage their local networks and Internet connections. Other routers are simple so that users don’t have to bother with configurations. DD-WRT offers users with some technical know-how more flexibility. There are several factors of DD-WRT that make them faster and stronger than other routers.

Australia VPN ThrottlingDD-WRT is more secure than other routers. This is important to avoid issues like ISP bandwidth throttling or network discovery and hacking. First, it allows users to have their Australia VPNs run through them. This secures all data travelling through and from the network to the open internet. This setup is also more convenient, encouraging the use of the Australia VPN. Single devices and computers no longer need individual installations of VPN software. Every user on that Australia VPN is automatically protected and given the same level of access. In addition, the compatibility of DD-WRT with VLAN makes for much tighter network security.

Of course, some users still prefer the single device approach. Each mobile phone, tablet and desktop Australia VPN can conveniently allow the user to set up their protocols and change servers as suits them. But some users may forego using the Australia VPN out of sheer laziness if they have to run the app first. With DD-WRT, different protocols can be used by different users at the same time so they can each have their desired settings.

For larger local networks, DD-WRT gives users the advantage of an interface that offers easy control of networks. Bandwidth can be distributed to different users on the network, and network managers can track performance for fast and easy identification of issues. Different network privileges can also be assigned to different users through multiple SSIDs.

DD-WRT Australia VPNDD-WRT Australia VPN security is tight. But you can give your guests access to the network easily enough when you need to. When you are setting up the individual SSIDs, create one for guest access. If you are using an older router, you will have to configure it. The cheapest way to do this is to get the DD-WRT version you need for dual SSIDs. But there are newer DD-WRT compatible routers that automatically allow dual SSIDs for convenience. This will allow you to create a unique access point that controls guest permissions. If you are using an older router, follow these steps:

1. Enter your default IP address in your browser and go to the basic settings under the Wireless tab. Here you can add a virtual interface, name the SSID, enable SSID broadcast then save and apply your settings. You will need to go back to Wireless Security after you have configured the network.
2. Go to Networking under Setup and add a bridge, entering “br1″ in the first box. Change the third value in the IP address to one above yours. Remember this setting as you will add it to the DNSMasq later. Change the subnet mask to and apply your changes. Then click Add again, enter “br1″ in the first box, and apply.
3. Under Setup, go to the Networking Page and find the DNSMasq tab in the Service section. Put the following in the additional options box:
# Enables DCHP on br1
# Set the default gateway for br1 clients
dhcp-option=br1,3,[IP address set for first br1 configuration]
Set the DHCP range and default lease time of 24 hours for br1 clients
dhcp-range=br1,[IP address set for first br1 configuration]00, [IP address set for first br1 configuration]50,,24h
4. Now enter the following Commands under the Administration tab:
#Removes guest access to physical network
iptables-I FORWARD -i br1 -o br0 -m state –state NEW -j DROP
iptables-I FORWARD -i br0 -o br1 -m state –state NEW -j DROP
#Removes guest access to the router’s config GUI/ports
iptables-I INPUT -i br1 -p tcp –dport telnet -j reject-with tcp-reset
iptables-I INPUT -i br1 -p tcp –dport ssh -j reject-with tcp-reset
iptables-I INPUT -i br1 -p tcp –dport www -j reject-with tcp-reset
iptables-I INPUT -i br1 -p tcp –dport https -j reject-with tcp-reset
Then Save Firewall and restart the router

Setting Up DD-WRT Australia VPN Access

Prepare your DD-WRT for Australia VPN access by first confirming that your DD-WRT version is compatible with the protocol you want to set up. From your account control panel, go to Services and select the button to enable your desired server. From there, you can also start giving individual users the different client IPs that you want them to have under the Australia VPN. Then enter your credentials for CHAP-Secrets and hit Apply.

Australia VPNConnecting to the selected server is simple through your computer’s Network settings. Create a new connection and choose the VPN option from the available list. Put in the IP address you chose earlier and name your connection. You can then adjust the settings of your DD-WRT router and connect with your username and password.

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