Assange, Snowden Speaking at South by Southwest March 8, 10

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Alvin Bryan

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SXSWThis coming Saturday and next Monday, don’t miss Julian Assange and Edward Snowden speaking at South by Southwest. They will be taking about individual privacy, transparency, and the surveillance-industrial state. Each of these hour-long virtual interviews will prove to be exciting and insightful. Hear directly from these two outspoken men how the handling of information impacts everyone.

Julian Assange Speaking on Social and Privacy

AssangeJulian Assange will speak on Social and Privacy on Saturday, March 8. This is the day’s featured session at this years’ Austin, Texas, festival. The interview will be from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Central at Exhibit Hall 5 of the Austin Convention Center. Assange will speak about individual privacy and transparency. He has agreed to this interview in light of the ongoing mass Internet surveillance conducted by the NSA and partner agencies. Benjamin Palmer from The Barbarian Group will conduct the ne-on-one interview. The discussion will revolve around how vital online privacy is, what the political and ethical implications are when secret data is shown to the public, and what the “Internet Nation” is. Assange will also talk about the national security issues that require government surveillance. And he will touch on what online democracy means and how this impacts the future of the Internet. Assange is the founder of Wikileaks who has been under attack by governments for his publication of so-called secret information. Register to attend the interview at the South by Southwest website.

Edward Snowden Speaking on Content and Distribution

Snowden SpeakingEdward Snowden will be interviewed by Barton Gellman . Gellman is the same reporter who first interviewed Snowden in exile. Snowden also trusted him with the leaked NSA files last May. Christopher Soghoian will also be joining them. Soghoian is the principal technologist of the American Civil Liberties Union. They will discuss what the release of the NSA secret documents means and what is yet to be learned. The interview is the featured session on Monday, March 10. It will take place from 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Central at Exhibit Hall 5 of the Austin Convention Center. Find out who is winning the battle over mass surveillance and why.

The three will talk over how NSA mass surveillance has affected the technology community, and how they are fighting back. Snowden will share his personal views on what they need to do to help people keep their private data secure and out of reach. You can register here to attend this event. If you do not have a South by Southwest Interactive, Gold, or Platinum badge, you can still watch the interview. The Texas Tribune will be hosting live streaming of this event, and the ACLU will provide a recording on by Monday afternoon. Don’t forget to use your VPN when you log on to watch.


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